Dealing with a job you hate

Every business owner we know hates the paperwork that goes with bookkeeping. Most of them would rather be making money from their business. They end up doing their books in the evening or at weekends. This takes time away from family time or a trip to the beach.

But bookkeeping has to be done, and done properly. Otherwise the taxman won’t be happy, and that’s a recipe for sleepless nights.

We’ll make sure you sleep soundly. We pull together all your financial data – from invoices to wages – and turn them into clear accounts and easy-to-read reports. That keeps the taxman off your back, and means you’ll be able to make better decisions.

Of course, all of our clients ask us to do more than manage their books. But bookkeeping is the first step in the accounting process, so perhaps the most important one. Let Merlin do it properly for you, and take away the hassle.