About you

If you work in business, you’ll know that some customers are just a good fit. Perhaps they work or see the world in a similar way.

We set up Merlin in 2006 and these days we have a good idea who we’ll work best with. ‘Best’ means for us and also for our clients. Which business owners get the most value from the skills we can offer?

If you’re set in your ways, we can’t help you explore new opportunities. If your only focus is money, you won’t care about being part of the community. And if you just want your accounts done, others can do this more cheaply.

Instead, we’re a good fit if you have a vision you can share. You can see the potential in your business and are ambitious. You know that success isn’t just working the long hours, and you like new ideas. You’re open-minded about talking through your business performance with a critical friend. Or maybe you just need some help with these things.

If that rings a bell, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome.